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"Clean This Beach Up was founded on the belief that if one person can make a difference, collective effort can change the world."

Our Mission

Clean This Beach Up Corp, is a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to creating awareness and educating the public about the negative effects of plastic pollution through weekly cleanups, educational programs and wellness activities.


Take Action

Our events take place once a week in different locations throughout  Miami Dade and Broward County, where hundreds of volunteers help clean our beaches, waterways, islands, causeways and streets.

Create Awareness

Keeping our shorelines clean is fundamental in our fight to preserve South Floridas fragile ecosystems. Our goal is to educate the community and take action while connecting with local and international volunteers moved by the common purpose of being part of our mission for a better world. 


Build Communities

At Clean This Beach Up we are committed to not only protecting the planet, but also protecting its people. We’re on a mission to fight plastic pollution and educate our communities in an effort to help create a cleaner future.

Our goal is to build connections, provide education and inspire our local communities beyond race and gender in an inclusive and intersectional environmental movement.

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